RecitalGroup3Hubalek Studio of Music offers high quality piano lessons in Catonsville for children and adults.  New students are welcome any time of the year.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Children beginning at age 4 are invited to begin lessons with a specially designed preschool program.

My program is multi-sensory and uses movement, rhythm, singing, piano keyboard experiences and music listening to learn about music and to play piano.  These activities provide a solid introduction to music.

This program is designed for the needs of each child.  Each child’s development and maturity are considered for the music program. The first lesson is devoted to learning about each child’s interest in music and to get acquainted with each other.  We will sing, explore the piano, play some rhythm games and write or draw a bit, too.

Once this initial lesson is completed, your child’s piano/music program is developed.  I draw from several sources for the program but the following curriculum books are used as a guide:

  • WunderKeys
  • My First Piano Adventures for the Young Beginner
  • Music for Little Mozarts

A lesson book, a workbook, flash cards and sometimes a CD are used begin our music adventures.  Parental involvement is vital, too.  Parents are encouraged to attend lessons and become involved in the learning process.

School Aged—Grade 1 through Grade 12

ImprovwkspJune2015All students are offered a course of study that is well-rounded and forms a solid foundation of musical knowledge.  All programs of study are designed with each students’ learning style and goals in mind.  We will build a program that suits each students’ strengths.

Lessons include:

  • Note Reading:  Appropriate lesson books encourage learning to read music.
  • Technique Building: Proper alignment of hands and body is the first step for enjoyment and injury prevention.  Exercises to develop finger strength and dexterity are taught.
  • Theory:  Students learn how music is built, constructed and put together.  All students learn scales, chord structure, chord progressions and how these are used in music.  Emphasis is placed on using these tools to improvise and create songs.
  • Improvisation and Songwriting:  Students’ innate creativity and knowledge of theory are used to improvise and create original music.
  • Variety of Music Styles:  Classical, popular, folk and jazz are explored.  Students are encouraged to play songs that they enjoy learning.
  • Ear Training and Sight Reading Skills:  Learning to listen for the nuances of music and reading music without previous preparation are explored.

Home practice time will vary depending on proficiency level and amount of music being learned.


Lessons for adults can be arranged around your schedule and are designed with your goals in mind, whatever they may be.   Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano, but just never got the opportunity?    Do you enjoy playing piano, but lack the motivation to learn new music?  Do you want to learn to play songs by ear?  Then, why not consider taking piano lessons?

Remember, you are never too old to learn to play the piano and enjoy creating music.  I had a student come for piano lessons after a 50 year hiatus from playing.  She was able to quickly regain her skill and enjoy piano playing again!