ImprovWrkshp2IMG_0226_edited-2Improvisation and Songwriting Workshops are held periodically throughout the year and during the summer.


Learning to compose and play songs on the spur of the moment is the basis for this workshop.  During this workshop students learn to:

  • Take a well-known tune and make it their own.  This is done by experimenting with the tune by adding notes, varying the rhythm and accompaniment.
  • Compose and play melodies of their own.
  • Learn bass accompaniment patterns.
  • Play music with others using improvisation techniques.


Learning to compose, play and notate your own songs is the basis of this workshop.

During this workshop students learn to:

  • Compose and play their own melodies.
  • Notate or write their songs on paper.
  • Write a simple accompaniment.
  • Add lyrics to their compositions.