Hubalek Studio of Music offers high quality voice lessons in Catonsville for children and adults. Whether you want to learn the basics of singing, would like help preparing for an audition or are an experienced singer, voice lessons can help you achieve your goals.

Private Lessons

NigelSinging3IMG_0224_edited-2Private lessons are offered for students aged 10 through adult.  Lessons are comprehensive and are developed with each students’ goals in mind.  All lessons include:

  • Vocal Function Exercises.  Getting the vocal folds or cords warmed up and ready to sing is the basis for singing. Specific exercises are taught to develop the entire vocal range.
  • Healthy Singing Technique:  Singing involves the whole body.  Our bodies are our instrument.  Learning how the voice works and how to keep it healthy is essential.
  • Resonance Training:  Learn to sing with resonance and good tone quality.
  • Breathing Instruction.  Bring more joy to singing by learning to use your breath to create ease as you sing.
  • Repertoire Development:  Explore classical, contemporary and musical theater repertoire.

Ear Training and Note Reading:  Develop your ability to sing what you hear and learn to read music.

Audition Preparation

If you are preparing for an upcoming audition, consider vocal coaching.  My students have had successful auditions for the Maryland State Boy Choir, Toby’s Dinner Theater, George Washington Carver School for Arts and Technology and Heritage Players.

Joy of Singing Program

This program is for children aged  8-10 want to learn the basics of singing and want to sing lots of fun songs.  These lessons foster the love of music for a lifetime.  Lessons include all the components of private lessons with an emphasis on songs of interest to students of this age range, such as:

  • Folk and Traditional Sing Along Songs
  • Songs from Movies and Musical Theater

Group Lessons

These lessons are designed for a small group of students who want to learn with others.  These lessons include all the components of private lessons and develop skills that can be used when singing with others such as:

  • Duets
  • Partner Songs
  • Singing Harmony